Saturday, April 9, 2016

All About the Shoes

A few things you should know about me.

1. I love shoes. I love sandals, I love tennis shoes, but most of all, I love high heels. Crazy high.
2. I love my sports teams. I'm not one of those fans who owns a shirt and says I'm a fan. I'm 100% all in - although that level of passion makes it tough to care about many teams at once, so I usually stick to just a couple.
3. I'm really good at finding things I think I can't live without. And once I've decided I can't live without it, I make it happen.

Anyway, it only made sense that one day I would Google "Colts shoes."

And so it began. I came across an Etsy store called Glam and Glory Lab, and fell in love with the glitter. Glitter plus football? Hello, my name is Leslie, and I have a problem. After the husband convincing me that I didn't need three different pairs, he agreed that purchasing the Colts pair was appropriate.

So in October of 2014 I ordered my first pair of Colts shoes. They actually have a really fast turn around time. Production is about two weeks, and shipping was just a couple days, so I had my shoes in plenty of time to wear for our girls trip to watch the Colts play the Cowboys in Dallas (let's not talk about that game). EVERYONE loved them, even the Cowboys fans.

Now when I ordered them, people asked the obvious questions.
How can you walk in those? My standard answer is, "practice." Because how else do you answer? "One foot in front of the other" seems like it would come across a bit sarcastic. I then typically proceed by telling the story of the time I wore a favorite pair of grey sling backs to Colts training camp and chased Clint Session (former Colts LB), who was in a GOLF CART, the half the length of the practice field in order to get his autograph. Successfully. I am no strangers to high heels, my friends. What are you going to wear those with?! A favorite question, of course. The better question is what am I not  going to wear them with? Jeans... Dresses... Capris.... Maybe not yoga pants, but you get the idea. I can't think of an occasion that isn't made better by glittery Colts heels, just saying. My favorite place to wear them was, of course, Lucas Oil Stadium, where I had people asking to take pictures of my feet so they could show their friends. Once I got beyond hoping they weren't asking because they had weird foot fetish, it was kind of fun to get attention for something that people are so excited about!

Fast forward about a year. I decided that I probably needed Midwest Rampage shoes, as well. Once I got the official word that they would be playing again this season, I sent a message to G&G Lab to see what they could do with the team's logo. I finally ordered them in the middle of March, knowing I wanted them in time for the first game at the end of April. They arrived last week, and I couldn't be more excited. I sent jpg files of the team logo and a picture of the font I wanted, and it was recreated perfectly! I got to choose the heel height (for those of you who are not quite ready for 6in), open/closed toe, and obviously the size. I regularly wear an 8 1/2-9, and I have ordered a 9 both times, which fit really well. I'm glad I didn't go on the smaller end.
Photo sent to me by Glam and Glory before shipment
I'm pretty much obsessed with the orange glitter bottoms - who needs the red Louboutin bottom when you can have Rampage orange glitter?

If you're looking for custom shoes, for a wedding, sports team, super hero, or pretty much anything else, I highly recommend you check out Glam and Glory. From what I can tell she can do magic with just about anything, and if you're not into glitter (first of all, you're crazy), it looks as though rhinestones are an option, as well.

Happy shoe shopping!


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