Friday, December 12, 2014

The Big One

So this weekend we will be attending the Iowa State Compulsory Gymnastics Championships. I am so super pumped. R is excited for state. But I wonder if she's excited because people make it sound exciting? Or if she truly understands the honor and accomplishment that come with it? I'm having trouble talking to R about what an exciting, huge deal weekend this is, because I'm afraid I will stress her out (I'm already a nervous wreck) or say the wrong thing.

I want her to above all, first and foremost, have FUN, just like any other competition. However, I also hope she knows what an honor this one is, and honestly? It's not really that it's state, but that this is the last meet of the year - it's time to leave it all on the mat. Because even though she is scheduled to compete again at IGI in February, and she wants to continue to compete next year, it's tough to end a season. You get so exhausted by the end, but once it's gone, you miss it.

How do you have these conversations with young athletes without putting unnecessary pressure on them?

Do you even have these conversations at all?

I often feel like I over-think these moments, but one regret I have in life, and something I work on every day, is taking time to appreciate the moments; the memories. I can honestly tell you I don't remember a thing about my wedding. I was so busy running around that I forgot to take a step back and appreciate the enormity of the moment. So now when I have something big or exciting I try to remember to pause, even just briefly, and appreciate the experience and the moment in its entirety. I think I answered my own questions for once, it just took me a while to get there. That is how I will have this conversation with my tiny princess. Step back, take it all in, enjoy the moment, and then go get it.

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