Friday, March 27, 2015

Market 124 - Mom, I painted a cow!

Last Friday was the last day of our spring break, so I took the kids up to Mason City for a day of
painting, cupcakes, and pitas!

Thanks to the recommendation from some fellow North Iowa Bloggers, and a visit the previous weekend with my sister, I chose Market 124 as our field trip and making experiences for the month of March. The staff at Market 124 was super friendly, allowing us to use their upstairs area for painting, which is MUCH more child friendly than the downstairs area. They did not bat an eye at the fact that I brought a 2 year old into their store to paint, but as a mom, you can imagine the tension I felt bringing a toddler into a facility with many, many beautiful (but also breakable) items. Being able to go upstairs with more open space was a lifesaver.

The kids each picked a piece to paint, and we were allowed to go at our own pace. After about half an hour of painting E was done, and the other two were able to finish up, so we went downstairs for cupcakes. The cupcakes there, from Grandma Sugar's Cupcakery, are DELICIOUS and at $2 each, way too good a deal to pass up. A stop at Pita Pit topped off our afternoon.

Market 124 called yesterday (Thursday) to say our  pieces were ready to pick up, so the turn around was about a week. I can't wait to go get the kids' work. E has not stopped telling people that, "I painted a cow. Purple." He was thrilled to be included, and while I was a bit nervous, the washable paint and relaxed atmosphere made for a fun experience for ALL age levels!

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