Monday, October 19, 2015

4H: Another New Adventure

Just like last year when I had no idea how to be a wrestling mom, this year I'll be a 4H mom! I was not in 4H, though my sisters both participated briefly. My husband, however, was a big time 4H-er. Last weekend while I was at a conference he and R attended her first 4H potluck, and she got to be part of the induction ceremony for new members. Here's to hoping that a) we can successfully juggle another activity, and b) my friends who are already 4H moms or who participated growing up have lots of helpful advice for me!

Were you in 4H? Do you have kids in 4H? I'd love to hear about your experiences and any tips you have for a first-timer!

Bill Northey shared this image on his
Facebook page about all the great experiences
that come from 4H


  1. I was a 10 year 4-H member.... Great memories and my Mom was a 4-H leader for many of those years.Enjoy the ride!

  2. YES to both! I was in 4H as long as I could be and now I'm a 4-H "mom". Take lots of pictures of everything they do related to their projects and keep good records of everything! That's my #1 tip! Oh...and check out when it's your time for "treats"!

  3. 9 year Clear Lake Sailor 4-H member and was on the State 4-H Council. 4-H was the best thing I got involved in during my youth. Have Rylee sign up for Communications! She'll love it and she'll get a lot out of it.

  4. 2 pieces of advice. Have fun and actively take part in the club.

  5. I had never even heard of 4H until I moved to the midwest. I think it's really cool though :)