Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Flag Football and Trojan Pride

This year the kids' school is an elementary only building instead of a K-12 building. The 7-12 kids attend school in another district. After riding an emotional roller coaster for years now, the parents and staff have set out to make the elementary the BEST elementary it can be. They've started planning family activity nights and offering after school sports. Right now they're playing volleyball, but in September they offered flag football. Husband volunteered to coach, and A got to play. What do you do when you start offering rec sports after school for your students? Host your own homecoming week, of course!

Earlier this month the kids had all their dress up days, and on Thursday night they played volleyball and played an exhibition flag football game. It was a blast, and you can see from the photos that Trojan pride still runs strong, but bleachers and sidelines full of fans who came out to watch the kids play and enjoy the free hot dog dinner! Being a Trojan isn't about the age of the kids on the field, it's not even really about the sports or the school. It's about the community that comes together to make something great happen. So thankful that my family gets to be part of that experience.

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