Thursday, November 13, 2014

What do you feed them?

At the beginning of the season our coach shared this article from Gymnastike on meal timing for gymnasts (and athletes in general), and I thought it was great for outlining types of foods my kids should eat before they work out or compete. So what do my kids eat?

Before morning meets:
We usually end up getting up approximately 3 hours before we have to be at the competition site.

Oatmeal (before she gets dressed)
Apple slices, pretzels, or Bear Naked energy bar (in the car)

Before afternoon meets (around lunch time):
We try to space small snacks about an hour apart before lunchtime meets.

Oatmeal or something a little heavier on these days - grandma likes to make biscuits and gravy
Protein bar
Beef Jerky
Banana Chips (dehydrated banana slices)

Before a race:
This one is really my husband's area, but I try!

Peanut butter sandwich
Protein bars

Before practice: 
We drive about 50 minutes to the gym, so an after school snack is a must.

Fruit snacks
*Chips (I don't recommend this one, but if I'm being honest it's gotta be on the list)

The night before a performance:
It's important to fuel up before an event! We work hard to make smart decisions on the nights before competition, but it's not always easy on the weekend! Some favorites include:
Fresh fruit
Fresh vegetables
Turkey sandwiches
Hummus and crackers
Baked potatoes

What do your athletes eat?

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