Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What makes a good goal?

First, I think we need to comment on this AWESOME meet gift that was given out at Games in Ames last weekend. How COOL are these whiteboards?!

Second, as an educator, as a mom, and as an athlete (however FORMER that may be), I love, love, love the emphasis our gym puts on setting goals and working to always #betteryourbest.

Finally, when I saw R's board while putting her to bed the other night, I had to take a picture. As a mom, it make me so happy to see my daughter setting goals (pretty high goals, but I like it) for herself without prompting.

When she filled out her goal sheet at the beginning of the season it was a bit of a battle. She didn't know what to write, she wasn't super specific, and it took a lot of support and prompting. Now she's writing her own individual meet goals, and meeting them (which means we get to celebrate. Penguins of Madagascar movie, here we come!).

Goal setting is such an amazing skill (and yes, I say skill, because I do think it's something to be practiced and worked on/toward). I found this great post on goal setting and how to go about it online, but essentially it's what we all know - there are big picture goals, and short term goals. There are attainable goals and goals we will always be working toward. Typically, we have been reviewing her videos after each meet, and she critiques her routines. It's nice to see her looking forward and planning ahead, versus looking back.

Yesterday, R told me that she had a new goal. She wants to get first place on bars. I told her that it's an awesome goal, and natural to want to get first place. But it also opened a great opportunity to have a discussion about what good goals are. I explained that she could have an amazing day and get a 9.7 on bars, and most days that would be first place. But what if someone else has an amazing day as well, and gets a 9.8? That doesn't make R's day any less amazing. Getting 2nd place with a 9.7 would still be something to be incredibly proud of. We talked about how the only person you can control is yourself, and if she's working hard and "better-ing her best" then that's something to be proud of.

Chalk this up to another life skill that being in the gym has helped support! Hold on - get it? Gymnastics? Chalk? Yeah. Just smile and nod.

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