Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthday Aerial Acrobatics at TGR Fitness

R turns 10 today (when did that happen?!) so I thought it was only appropriate to share some highlights from her birthday party! We took the girls (mostly her teammates) down to TGR Fitness in Des Moines for an aerial acrobatics class where they did some tumbling, hoops, and silks - and also got to try out a couple of their American Ninja Warrior stations. It was a blast! 
The girls started with stretches, went into to some balance and tumbling, followed it up with working on the hoops, and then got some instruction on the silks before having free time to play on the apparatus of their choice! 

Our instructor was great - she adjusted really well to our group. The girls, who work out 15-20 hours a week, said it was harder than they thought it was going to be, but they had a lot of fun. It definitely took some upper body strength, but the seemed to catch on quickly. R's school friend, who is not in gymnastics, caught on as well - so it's not like it requires super human gymnast upper body strength to have fun! R can't wait to go back and do a Ninja Warrior party next time (that was her first choice, but since she's still on crutches I talked her out of it - although I did let her try the warped wall. She said she didn't care if it hurt, she *really* wanted to do it, more than she cared about her sore knee. Can you really tell the birthday girl no?). 

For those wanting more info, you can check out the TGR website. I was able to "purchase" our party right through their app. They offer fitness classes (my sister is a member and loves it), but also a whole line of private parties including the aerial class we did, for both adults and kids, as well as pole parties, Ninja Warrior, and burlesque parties!

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  1. What a neat birthday party and perfect fit for her! Happy Birthday R!