Wednesday, March 30, 2016

DIY Cookie Class

Over spring break I wanted to plan some fun activities for the kids since we didn't get to go on any fun trips. One event that came across my Facebook feed was an Easter Cookie Class at Heavenly's Bakery in Iowa Falls. I didn't necessarily know what to expect, but I signed up for two slots, and took R and A. 

I don't know that I would call it a class, in the sense that they teach you or instruct you specifically on how to decorate the cookies like one of those painting classes, but we had a blast. The kids each got a box of 6 cookies, and several bags of frosting to pipe onto them. It was $5/box, we got our own table to work at, and one of the employees came around with examples of her decorations so the kids could get some ideas, as well as give helpful hints about handling the frosting. There were other tables of families there, ranging from 3(ish) to 10(ish), but it wasn't crowded by any means. We spent about 30 minutes decorating, and it was about the right amount of time and cookies - the kids' hands started to get tired from squeezing frosting by the end. 

I absolutely adore Heavenly's cookies, and this was a great reminder for me as to how much, so we also ordered E's birthday cake and cookies while we were there! This was a great activity that we'll do again. Next time I think I'll even sign myself up for a box - the kids each let me do one of their cookies, and it was super fun to be creative. 

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