Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Holy Off-Season

If you're anything like me, you've never been a fan of the "off season." It's not fun, competition seems forever away, and it's easy to sit around and eat Cheetos on the couch, binging on Netflix originals (who else is ready for HoC next week?!). I've always admired how hard the girls work in the gym during the off season, but never been much about it myself.\

I love visiting Ada Hayden for exercise in the summer with my favorite gym moms, but once sweatshirt weather arrives, I'm back on my butt waiting for spring. Well this year, in an effort to be a happier, healthier me (more on that later), I joined a gym. I haven't gone super consistently, but from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, I tried to hit the gym somewhere around 3x a week. Husband helped me with a weight lifting routine, and the elliptical became my best friend.

On Monday I went for my first run since September. It was a little hard to find a run from last year that compared on both distance and pace. I'm actually in BETTER shape this spring than I was last fall! Who knew?! Okay, a lot of people knew, I just wasn't one of them. I am now an "off season" believer (yeah, I know I don't actually have a season, so I consider summer my season). You'll notice that I was also able to maintain a steady pace this week, versus starting fast and gradually slowing down. I'll never be fast, I hate running, but it's the easiest way (I think) to burn calories and get in shape!


  1. Great job trying to stay active throughout the winter! I have to run year round, so the wellness center and I are BFF's! I just can't wait until it's nice enough to get outside and run some more.

    1. I *really* struggle on the treadmill, and I hate the cold, so winter running and I do not get along! Glad the elliptical and I became friends!