Friday, May 12, 2017

Celebrating My Athletes: Easy ways to make an event feel special

Hyvee meatloaf pans, Gatorade, beef jerky,
 Snickers, protein bars, and chapstick
This spring I've been inspired by my lovely friend Lori, who always has clever ways to celebrate her children. So for the big events in my athletes' lives, I've been doing a little celebrating, myself.

In the last few weeks, the princess had her state meet a(qualifying all three events to USTA national in June!), we had our first (and second) Rampage wins for Shon and Bug (my little ball-boy), and Bug had his first baseball game! It's been busy in our house, as you can tell, but making these events special was important to me. Of course you'll notice that the Monkey was sort of left out, but don't worry, he got his own treats on the side so he didn't feel left out at all.

I wanted to take a few minutes to post some pictures of the "creative" (I don't know if I have a creative bone in my body, but I tried) gifts I came up with. If you're ever in the mood to make the people in your life feel special before a big event, I completely recommend checking these out! Everything pictured came from the local grocery store or from Dollar Tree, and the kids (and Shon) were beyond excited for their treats! Don't worry, not all of the ideas included candy. For state week I just chose fun items, and of course on the final day she received flowers. For the football game and the baseball game, I tried to think of things that would fuel their bodies or they would enjoy on the sidelines. You'll notice that hydration and protein were key themes.

From L to R: Dollar store pot, soil, seeds; clearance Easter candy; king size Starbursts

From L to R: Dollar store water glass; dollar store emoji notepads; dollar store erasers and a Milky Way

Beef jerky, Twizzlers, Sunflower seeds, Body Armor 

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