Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Will you be my bridesmaid?

You'll notice the red bottle - my princess,
as my pre-teen maid of honor, got cherry
limeade soda instead of wine #solidparenting
I truly believe that one of the best/worst changes in the last five years has been the introduction of Pinterest to our lives. I love Pinterest. It has helped me plan a huge chunk of my wedding, find new exercise tips, given me some of my favorite meals, and has helped me plan awesome activities for the kids. However, I am the queen of the "Pinterest fail." I am also just not super creative. So when it came time to ask my girls to be in my wedding, I knew that the "new" way to do it was with a fancy, creative, adorable invitation. Ring pops, puzzles, elaborate gift baskets... when I got married in 2007 we just asked people. I think I may have texted a couple. NOW, the pressure is on.

The lucky thing about the internet age and the Pinterest world, is that unlike me, many people are SUPER creative, and are selling their super creative goods on Etsy! So what does a self-proclaimed Pinterest Fail Queen do in a time like this? Go shopping! Crafts? No. Online shopping? I'll take home the gold medal. I was able to find these simple, yet chic labels and tags, lucked into a peach moscato at Hy-Vee that was IN MY WEDDING COLORS, and put together a fun way to ask my lovely group to be in our wedding, without getting paint on my clothes or hot glue in my hair, AND without breaking the bank (I don't know if you know this, but weddings are a little bit on the expensive side).

Moral of the story? I hereby give you official permission to a) not play TOO much into the crazy world of Pinterest when it comes to all of life's biggest moments, and b) let someone else be creative for you.

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