Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Weekend at King's Pointe

If you're looking for affordable family fun, King's Pointe Resort is Storm Lake's premiere water park and hotel is a can't miss location. My oldest, R, asked to stay in a hotel for her birthday instead of having a party with friends. Given the choice, she of course opted for the water park option, so right before Easter we took off for Storm Lake.

King's Pointe is a location that my office has worked with many times before in the past, so our family had actually visited before for A's birthday while I was on a work retreat. During that stay two summers ago, we actually just played outside at the nearby park and built sand castles on the beach at the lake. My kids enjoy the water, but are not huge swimmers.

This year we checked in and headed straight to the pool. The boys immediately took off for the slides, while the girls and the baby hung out in more shallow water. We took E on the big play structure to the baby slides, floated down the lazy river, and watched A and Jeromy ride down the tube slide together. A couple of my favorite parts about the pool area itself?

  1. They had life vests available in all sizes for all kids. This was huge - we didn't think to bring anything like that for the baby, and while the older two opted out, I was so appreciative of that amenity. 
  2. The water didn't seem to get any deeper than 3'6" that I noticed. The older two could comfortably navigate around all the water areas, including the area at the base of the slides. Once they went down the slide they could hop into the water and touch and get to safety.
  3. There were lots of staff and life guards on hand! Such a great feeling when your kids outnumber you!
The pool area was open until 9pm, plenty late for our kiddos. We actually left at 8pm. I had originally planned for us to visit one of my favorite local restaurants, Bozwell's, but since it was late we opted for Pizza Hut delivery. When I called to order the girl gave me an awesome tip - place your order online for carry out and take advantage of the online specials and deals that you cannot get "in store" and then call back and have them switch to delivery! I never knew this little trick, but it was greatly appreciated! We spent the evening enjoying treats and pizza in the room before turning in after a long day!

Day two brought more sliding, splashing, and fun. The older two decided to be adventurous and take on the water slides on their own (to my COMPLETE shock), and even E found an area he didn't want to leave (the splash pad/water jet area). We spent a couple more hours swimming before hitting Casey's and heading home. The pool was never overly crowded, and we had a blast. My only complaint was that there never seemed to be any towels available, so we would have to keep an eye out for the refill so we could race over and get what we needed before they were gone again.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! We have never been to King's Pointe but might have to try it out sometime with family or friends.