Thursday, April 23, 2015

Confessions of a Plant Murderer

I am a plant murderer. It doesn't matter how hearty you tell me the plant is, how "easy" it's supposed to be to take care of, I'll find a way to let it die. I'm pretty sure I could kill a fake plant. For real. I would find a way.

That being said, I am set on the learning/making activity for the kids and I this month being container gardening. Aaden and I bought a bunch of different types of seeds (radishes, peas, carrots, etc), and several large containers and potting soil. This weekend the kids and I will do some research and plant our "crops" in our containers. They're super excited, and I'm super terrified.

So here's where I'm at. Please, please, please give me some advice and tips on how not to kill our plants! Yes, I've Googled it and Pinterest'ed it and Plant WebMD'ed it. But I would love for some real advice from friends.

When do you plant? What do you plant? What do I need to know about spring weather? I read something about hardening your plants - what the heck?! Pictures, videos, and a post to follow! It's supposed to be nice on Sunday, so I'm planning on that being the big day!


  1. I always plant Mother's Day weekend. And radishes are a good pick - I don't think you could kill a radish! Just make sure your containers have rocks or something in the bottom so the soil can be well drained, and that the plants get plenty of sunlight and water. Good luck!

    1. I was too excited to wait, but also I saw it's supposed to be beautiful this week. Worst case scenario, we'll pick up our containers and bring them in the house! Cross your fingers for us!

  2. You are not the only plant murderer in this world, I am sure. I like inside houseplants a lot and have been fairly successful growing herbs but no garden here for me lately. Good luck!!!