Friday, April 17, 2015

New Season, New Sports

With spring in full swing and summer quickly approaching, our schedule seems to be getting even more busy - if that's even possible! J is busy not only coaching A's t-ball team with his sister, but as you may remember, is opting to play his own new sport - football with the Midwest Rampage out of Webster City. A's got the whole t-ball thing going on, but is busy training for any and all upcoming track events - by the way, why is the Iowa Track and Field website so rarely updated?! He'll for sure be participating in the Iowa Games in Ames again this year, an AMAZING annual event with opportunities for athletes of all ages to participate in many different sporting events.

Not to be outdone, E has taken to running 400s with the rest of the family as fast as his chunky little legs can carry home! R is heading into her "busy season" in the gym, gearing up for competition season in the fall. Summer is when the gymnasts put in extra work to learn and perfect routines for the fall. However, she has also, to my utter amazement, taken an interest in running with the boys. Mostly 100s, but some 400s. This girl hates running, but didn't want to feel left out, I suspect, and so has been holding her own on the track, and is even interested in running a few races herself. I pointed out that running was great cardio for healthy living, and she reasoned that it would definitely help her with vault, as well as overall fitness.

So as we add all these extra bits to the calendar, I find myself wondering: When will we ever have time to spend together as a family? Lucky for me, we live right near a track and a playground. Running and playing has become an evening and weekend staple in the Keehn household as we continue to find ways to bond and build relationships despite our crazy schedules.

How does your family stay connected during busy seasons? Do you have any routines or traditions that you don't let slide no matter how busy you are? I'd love to hear advice, ideas, and input!

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