Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Time for a gala! Bark After Dark

We are SO excited at my house to be attending the first ever Bark After Dark gala in Des Moines hosted by Bailing Out Benji. Dressing up plus a great cause? Yes please! Mindi, the founder of the group, has been a friend of my sister's (and now the family) for many years and her passion and drive are beyond inspiring. My daughter, an animal lover herself, has not only been able to attend evets like peaceful protests and documentary screenings, but also follow this amazing group of role models that transformed one person's passion into a national movement.

I've been struggling a lot lately with my own world (and political) opinions and points of view. It's sort of a "who am I that people are going to listen to me?" mindset. At almost 32 years old it's strange to me that I can have so much self-doubt as I try to talk to people about topics that are so important to me and my family. Then you have Mindi, who began her protests and activism at such a young age, always seeming so sure of herself as she speaks her truth, advocating for animals who cannot speak for themselves. I am so proud to be attending this event, I have been so inspired by Mindi and the entire organization.

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