About Me

I'm the mother of three amazing children, ages 11, 8, and 4!

My daughter is a competitive gymnast, my older son is into baseball, basketball, and football, and my youngest son is (for now) along for the ride - although he has been asking to join tumbling in the fall, and chasing him could be an Olympic sport.

I am an instructional technology consultant in Iowa by day, traveling the state to help educators empower their students to be amazing. By night I am a gym mom, traveling the state some more to get my kids to practice and competitions! In my free time I'm also trying to plan a wedding and enjoy time with my fiance!

The purpose of this space is to chronicle and share the life lessons we learn along the way, as well as my attempt to find balance in the crazy world of raising not just children, but children in youth sports - without becoming the stereotypical "soccer mom" - or "dance mom" - or *insert appropriate sports mom stereotype here* mom.

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