Sunday, May 13, 2018

Date Night Log 2018: Mini Golf - Dating Divas Style

For Shon's birthday this year I decided to do something a little different for one of his gifts. Whenever I ask him for gift ideas or what he wants, he says "time with you." Sweet, right? Sure, but also annoying when you're trying to buy someone a gift. ;) So this year I got him exactly that - time with me! I bought him a "Year of Dates" from the Dating Divas. They have a sports-themed package that I thought seemed perfect for us, so I bought the printables and a binder and gifted him 12 dates - one per month - with me!

We started with April instead of January, and headed out for dinner and mini-golfing! After a rather glutenous dinner at Texas Roadhouse where I ate *all* the bread, we headed over to Perfect Games, which just opened its new miniature golf course for the season!  We had Evelyn with us this time because we try not to use too many baby-sitter coupons in a row with grandma, but she enjoyed the fresh air and watching all the people.

April's date included an invitation for him to our date explaining what it included, a scorecard so that depending on who won the hole, one of us won a "prize" (think things like 15 minute back rub or getting to pick the movie). The pack also has a journal at the end where you reflect on a specific prompt for your relationship, as well as a scrapbook where you can paste pictures, write down favorite moments, and include scorecards (Shon won by 2 this time). There are also date alternatives, like Frisbee Golf, and some other cute printables, but I didn't get around to using them all this time.

If you haven't visited the Dating Divas yet, they don't just have great marriage and relationship ideas, there are family packs, too! The kids don't know that I have monthly activities planned for "family dates," too! I'm hoping once school is out I can start theirs and we can get into a routine before the craziness of school starts back up again in the fall!

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