Friday, June 15, 2018

Off the Gridiron: Tanner Ibarra


AGE: 24

What's your favorite pro and/or college team?

Minnesota Vikings

What NFL player do you think you most play like? 
John Sullivan from the Rams. He's a small center height-wise, very smart in football and goes out there and just works. Or Brandon Fusco for the versatility. He can play any position on the line and does what he has to do to help the team win. 

What's your favorite sport that's not football?

Whatever sport my niece or nephew is playing 

When did you first start playing football? 

Haha my dad had a football in my crib before I could walk. But I know my dad had me in football when I was five or six. I remember being one of the smallest kids out there.

Why do you still play?

I love the game, it's a great stress reliever. My niece and family enjoy watching me do it, and I like the team/family concept of sports.

What are your goals for this year?

The goal every year is to help my team win a championship. Unfortunately, I can only do my best to lead the team there as the day of our championship is also my sister's wedding.

What's your favorite football memory?

Just playing catch with my dad in the backyard as a kid, he taught me everything I know about the game, built my work ethic, and just the time I got to spend with him.

Around the League:
I asked some other players in the league about Tanner's play.

Former teammate Justin Engh said, "Kid has the biggest heart I've ever seen. He might not be the biggest or strongest, but he won't back down from any challenge. I've tried to make him quit in the gym and he won't. He will do anything for a teammate, always there for you up or down. [He's an] all around great team player."

Competitor (and occasionally fellow center) Shon Osborn added, he's "not the standard prototype center. [He] knows how to beat you with his smarts... [A] leader, great competitor."


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